What you get

We will provide you with the code for the counters you wish to display connected to our data feed, which is the result of our proprietary algorithm, data research, and statistical analysis. The counters can be easily integrated on any webpage.

The feed will be provided via a Javascript call (as on our websites) or, upon request, via an API (JSON feed, for more complex setups).

The counters are fully customizable, with no CSS properties applied to them by default. You can therefore freely style them.

The output consists of the running number only, so you can add your own text description.

Data Research and Statistical Analysis

1) Our research team collects the data from the most reliable sources. These sources are continuously monitored in order to track any changes and update the algorithm accordingly.

2) Statistical analysis is performed in order to extrapolate the current estimate based on available data and projections.

3) An advanced algorithm is developed for each counter. The counters load the corresponding data from the algorithm hosted on our central server and display the current estimate as it changes in real time.

Advanced Algorithm

Worldometers' Algorithm (RTS) includes several advanced features which are applied as needed, such as:

  • Exponential formulas compounded every second (the value assigned to the variables in the formula changes every second).
  • Time of day and/or weekday/weekend/holiday sensitive counters and countdowns.
  • Complex formulas providing exact synchronization among related counters.
  • Time zone specific, pc clock based, or worldwide consistent counters.

Our lab is also developing and experimenting with:

  • Micro term random fluctuations within pre-defined direction and magnitude.
  • Automatic adjustments based on detection of changes in external data patterns.

Flexible Implementation Options

Standard HTML

The system (JavaScript+HTML on the client-side and PHP as a service) can be implemented on any web site connected to the internet.
This is the same exact method we use on Worldometers. We suggest using this method as it easy, of immediate implementation, and does not require any coding at your end.

Technically, it consists of two snippets of code (and a call to the jQuery library, if you don't have it already):

1. place this in the web page source:
<script type="text/javascript"> var rts_configuration =
RTS_key: 'Key-Provided-to-Licensed-Client'
<script src="http://www.realtimestatistics.net/rts/RTSp.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

2. place this where you want the counter (running number) to appear:
<span class="rts-counter" rel="current_population"></span>

JSON data feed (API)

This method allows for implementation on any platform with an internet connection.
This method requires coding on your part, as we provide only the raw data.
We suggest you opt for this method only if you can't use the Standard HTML method.

ActionScript (Flash)

You can use the JSON feed described above to display the counters within a Flash video or Flash animation.


The style is completely up to you. We only provide the number. You apply your own CSS properties (font type, color, size, etc) and add the text description. It's as simple as this:

<span class="YOUR_STYLE"> <span class="rts-counter" rel="current_population"></span></span>

Furthermore, if needed, you can apply a different style to the thousand separator and to each order of magnitude within the number.

Choose among our counters or request custom ones

You can choose among any of the published Worldometers or Internet Live Stats counters. These can be delivered to you immediately.

Custom counters showing specific statistics requested by you can also be prepared and delivered (usually within a few days).

You can have us perform the research and data sourcing or you can provide us with the data (past and projected, if available). In both cases we will run the statistical analysis, build the algorithm, and deliver you the custom counter.

Pricing for custom counters vary according to the statistic, but on average it will be +50% with respect to a standard counter.

Advanced Options

When using the standard implementation method, you can enable some advanced options (some already active on Worldometers) such as the ability to switch between "today" and "this year," pause and restart the counters, reset the counters to start from zero (to count from "now," or on page load, rather than from the beginning of the day or the year).

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