Bahamas Water

Water Precipitation in Bahamas

Water Precipitation in depth
1,292 mm/year
Long-term average annual precipitation in depth (mm/year 2017)
Water precipitation in volume
17.9 billion m³/year
(Long-term average annual precipitation in volume (billion m³/year 2017)

Water Resources in Bahamas

This is the sum of renewable groundwater and renewable surface water resources (both internal and external)

Renewable Water Resources
1 billion m³/year
Total Renewable Water Resources (2017)
Water Resources per Capita
1,770 m³/person/year
Renewable Water per Inhabitant (2017)
Water Dependency
0 %
Water from outside the country (2017)

People with no access to a safe drinking water source in Bahamas

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Don't have access to safe drinking water
6,283 people
1.6 % of the population of Bahamas (2015)

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