Can I purchase counters for an event (not for a web site)?
Yes, in fact many of our clients license our counters for museum exhibits, shows, and other special events around the world.

I need my counters for a presentation lasting only one day. Do I still have to pay for a full year?
No. In case of a one-time event which lasts anywhere between 1 day and 90 days, the licensing price will be around 50% of the standard annual price

Can I purchase a counter for my web site for less than one full year?
No. The minimum term is one year, and it is renewed on an yearly basis after that.

Can I display my licensed counter(s) on multiple web sites?
No.The standard licensing is for a single web site. If you want to purchase a license for multiple web sites, please contact us for pricing.

Do I need an internet connection ?

We are a nonprofit organization. Can we have the counters for free ?
No, but if you have a registered nonprofit status you can get a discount on the list price.
Select your organization type on the order page to find out the exact nonprofit price for any number of counters.

Do you charge a setup fee?
Not for standard counters. There might be a setup fee for custom counters.

Can I pay with credit card ?
Yes, when you place the order online you can pay with a credit card through PayPal (PayPal account not required), or with a PayPal account. You can contact us to arrange for payment via bank wire transfer.

Is there a written licensing agreement?
Yes, by submitting your payment for the license you agree to these terms and conditions.
We can also send you a signed licensing agreement to sign, scan, and email back to us if you request it.

What about an invoice?
We will send you the invoice for your payment in Pdf if requested

Can I have a counter showing a custom statistic suited to the content of my web site?
Yes, in most cases. We will have to do some preliminary research to confirm that the data is available and that we can prepare the custom counter as requested. A custom counter will cost on average 50% more than a normal counter, and a setup fee might be charged. Contact us for a custom quote.

How long does it take to get the standard counters?
Once payment is received, you should expect to receive the requested counters within 2 business days, although this can't be guaranteed. We process all orders manually.

Are the counters exactly the same as the ones that appear on Worldometers?
Yes, is using the standard HTML implementation method, the code and the data feed will be exactly the same, but you can change the design as you wish.

How does it work technically? Do you provide an API?
Yes, you can choose whether to order the standard HTML implementation (for web pages) or the JSON feed. Please refer to the how it works section and contact us if you have any additional questions.

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