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According to the World Toilet Organization (WTO), the average person uses a toilet 2,500 times year, or six to eight times daily. However, not all toilet uses are followed by a flush.

In addition, according to the United Nations' WHO/UNICEF JMP for Water supply and sanitation, nearly 40% of the world’s population, or around 2.6 billion people, lacks access to a toilet. According to Dr Margaret Chan, WHO's Director-General, the absence of a toilet at home has a serious impact on health and social development. A toilet at home spares a family from illness, health care expenses, and time lost from work and school.

Toilet flush surges occur in coincidence with major TV events such as the Academy Awards, when people all head off to the toilet at once during commercials or at the end of the show.

World Toilet Day

19 November was declared 'World Toilet Day' by 17 toilet associations around the world in 2001. World Toilet Day has become a global platform for academics, sanitation experts, toilet designers, environmentalists etc. to share the latest on rural and urban toilets.

The World Toilet Organization asks each individual, in their respective country, to request better equality (more facilities for women), more accessibility & special provisions (for the disabled & mothers with babies), clean toilets (for everyone), and more toilets (for the less fortunate).

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