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Last updated: April 06, 2020, 12:27 GMT


Coronavirus Cases:





Active Cases
Currently Infected Patients
87,269 (96%)
in Mild Condition

3,977 (4%)
Serious or Critical

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Closed Cases
Cases which had an outcome:
21,815 (58%)
Recovered / Discharged

15,887 (42%)

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Total Coronavirus Cases in Italy

Daily New Cases in Italy

Active Cases in Italy

Total Coronavirus Deaths in Italy

Daily New Deaths in Italy

Newly Infected vs. Newly Recovered in Italy

Outcome of Cases (Recovery or Death) in Italy

Latest Updates

April 5 (GMT)

April 4 (GMT)

  • 4805 new cases and 681 new deaths in Italy. The number of patients hospitalized in intensive care has declined for the first time since the beginning of the epidemic in Italy

    The target of bringing down the reproductive number (R0) to 1 has been reached. Now the goal is to bring it below 1. Earlier in the epidemic, it was as high as 3. This value represents the average number of people to which a single infected person will transmit the virus. An epidemic with a reproductive number below 1 will gradually disappear

    An estimated 30,000 lives have been saved as an effect of the lockdown measures, according to Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS) [source] [source]

April 3 (GMT)

  • Italy: the real number of COVID-19 cases in the country could be 5,000,0000 (compared to the 119,827 confirmed ones) according to a study which polled people with symptoms who have not been tested, and up to 10,000,000 or even 20,0000,000 after taking into account asymptomatic cases, according to Carlo La Vecchia, a Professor of Medical Statistics and Epidemiology at the Statale di Milano University.

    This number would still be insufficient to reach herd immunity, which would require 2/3 of the population (about 40,000,000 people in Italy) having contracted the virus [source].

    The number of deaths could also be underestimated by 3/4 (in Italy as well as in other countries) [source], meaning that the real number of deaths in Italy could be around 60,000.

    If these estimates were true, the mortality rate from COVID-19  would be much lower (around 25 times less) than the case fatality rate based solely on laboratory-confirmed cases and deaths, since it would be underestimating cases (the denominator) by a factor of about 1/100 and deaths by a factor of 1/4.

April 2 (GMT)

April 1 (GMT)

March 31 (GMT)

March 30 (GMT)

  • 4050 new cases and 812 new deaths in Italy. Total cases surpass 100,000 [source]

    • green Lowest number of new cases in the last 13 days (since March 17)
    • green Highest number of new recoveries (1,590) since the beginning of the epidemic


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