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Undernourished in Dominica

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How many are undernourished?
50,000 people
69.81% of the total population of Dominica of 71,625 in 2018
Global Rank: 99th | Share of Global Undernourished: 0.0057%
Global undernourished
874,450,000 people in the world
11.46% of the total World Population of 7,631,091,040 in 2018

Forest in Dominica

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Forest AREA
42,790 hectares
Global Rank: 175th
Dominica Share of World Forests: 0.00%
World Forests Area: 4,203,923,600 ha

Cropland in Dominica

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Cropland AREA
23,000 hectares
Global Rank: 174th
Dominica Share of Global Croplands: 0.0%
Global Croplands: 1,697,033,870 ha

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