• World Population
    World Population and top 20 Countries Live Clock. Population in the past, present, and future. Milestones. Global Growth Rate. World population by Region and by Religion. Population Density, Fertility Rate, Median Age, Migrants. All-time population total.
  • Population by Country
    Countries (and dependencies) in the world ranked by population. 1 Year change, migrants, median age, fertility rate, area (Km²), urban population, share of world's population, global rank. View also: list of countries and dependencies in two separate groups, and most populous countries in 1950 and in 2050.
  • Population by Year (past to present)
    World population from 5000 BC to 2017, with annual growth rate, yearly change, population density, and urban population.
  • Population Projections (future)
    World population from 2018 to 2100, with annual growth rate, yearly change, population density, and urban population.
  • All people on 1 page
    View the entire current world population on a single page, showing every single person one by one, increasing in real time.
  • How many countries are there in the world?
    Unlike other lists in our population sections, in which countries and dependencies are grouped together, here we have separated the two types in order to provide a more rigorous count of the total countries in the world and in each region. See also: Largest countries in the world, largest cities in the world, and map of the world.


Population by Region

China vs. E.U. vs. U.S. vs. Japan (Population and GDP comparison)




Latin America and the Caribbean

Northern America


Regions or Continents?

We follow the U.N. Statistics Division of grouping countries into regions and subregions rather than into continents.
But if you are interested, you can learn more about continents and the 7 continents model.

Population of Countries

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